Water Access Rwanda has a simple vision: safe water at the turn of a tap.
We believe water should be reliable (no outages), safe (to drink), conveniently accessible in the home, and super affordable. We are making it happen with our record-breaking INUMA(TM) Minigrids.

People at Water Access Rwanda are the core of the company’s capacity and ability to do more. We have very strong value systems in place and select with an intentional look at values. A lot of us are daily challenged by our work and this is a core part of working at Water Access Rwanda – you must be a person who enjoys a good challenge and improves after every occasion.

BUT we don’t believe in struggling constantly: we believe in building our basic skills and training ourselves in whatever new skill we need so we can become excellent and fast at doing whatever our work calls for.

  • Health Insurance

  • Equal Great Pay

  • Strong Support for Professional Development

  • Awesome Retreats

  • Employee Solidarity Fund

  • Huge Positive Impact on People and Planet





Office of the CEO